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Glute Bridge Exercise for Lower Back Pain

Another great exercise I recommend to help manage and prevent lower back pain is the glute bridge. Simple lie on your back lift your pelvis up. Remember to keep your back nice and neutral. Perform 10 repetitions and 3 sets. Remember performing these exercises once in a blue moon will not have the same effect [...]

Glute Bridge Exercise for Lower Back Pain2019-07-31T10:30:51-04:00

Core Exercise: Dead Bug

Dead Bug Exercise: Lie on your back on a flat surface. Position your arms and legs as shown. Gradually lower your right leg and left arm. Slowly bring your right leg and left arm back in starting position. Then lower your left leg and right arm. Repeat for 8-10 repetitions, 2-3x per day. This is [...]

Core Exercise: Dead Bug2019-07-15T20:16:09-04:00

Flat feet. What’s that?

Flat feet (pes planus) is a very common condition that many people have. It simply refers to the collapse of the arch in our foot.    Interesting fact - most sprinters have high arches (except Usain Bolt - he doesn’t need them). High arches gives a biomechanical advantage with respect to force production. Most of [...]

Flat feet. What’s that?2019-07-07T14:57:33-04:00