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Older Adults and Hip Fractures

Hip fractures in older adults can be extremely serious, and often result in chronic illness, death, and increased health care costs. Experts estimate that some 18 to 33 percent of all older adults who have suffered hip fractures will die within a year, with even higher rates of death among people who have dementia or [...]

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Proprio - WHAT?   It simply means awareness of one’s own body position. It is generally mediated my muscle spindle fibers and golgi tendon organs. These essentially help the motor coordination of the body. The most common symptom of poor proprioception is poor balance.    Your proprioception abilities can be impaired when you injure a [...]


Pain in the Neck

My arm hurts, what do you mean it’s coming from my neck? Sometimes we may feel that our arm or shoulder or elbow is in pain, or have bouts of numbness and tingling and we often think that the problem is with the shoulder or elbow. We try and massage it, take some painkillers and [...]

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