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Life expectancy stops increasing in Canada due to opioid overdose deaths.

Statistics Canada has released data showing life expectancy stopped increasing for the first time in four decades. 4,108 overdose deaths were recorded in Canada in 2017. Nearly 1,100 of those involved people between the ages of 30 and 39. Many individuals are prescribed an opioid to combat physical ailments, such as low back pain. The risks [...]

Life expectancy stops increasing in Canada due to opioid overdose deaths.2019-11-20T15:36:20-04:00

Massage Therapy on Weekends

Great news: You can now book your massage sessions on the weekend! Introducing Trinity Chen, RMT, who sees patients on Saturdays and Sundays at Ultima Wellness Centre in Richmond Hill. Trinity is skilled in various techniques such as deep tissue massage, relaxation and trigger point therapy. Book your appointments before her schedule fills up. Call, [...]

Massage Therapy on Weekends2019-11-15T13:48:53-04:00

How to wake up earlier?

You have heard the saying - the early bird gets the worm. Many ‘successful’ individuals swear by waking up earlier. When you wake up early, as people are still sleeping, you can: a) accomplish more, b) face less interruptions, c) mentally prime yourself for success, and as a result of all of these things d) [...]

How to wake up earlier?2019-11-14T11:13:09-04:00