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Disc Herniations. Will they get better?

Pinched nerve, sciatica, shooting pain down the leg are all things that come to mind when dealing with a disc herniation. In between our spinal bones (vertebrae), lies a jelly-like cushion, which we call a disc. Sometimes with repeated forward bending (certain manual jobs, exercises at the gym), sneezing, coughing, can damage the disc, which [...]

Disc Herniations. Will they get better?2020-01-23T16:14:55-04:00

Importance of Good Posture

Remember when mom always told you to stand up straight. Well turns out, mom was always right, (that is unless you have stenosis I’ll talk more about that later). ⠀ Good posture helps centre your weight, which means less wearing of joint surfaces, less muscular tension in lower back and upper back, less headaches, increased [...]

Importance of Good Posture2020-01-02T15:17:38-04:00